What I do

I’m that guy no one ever hears about behind the people you do hear about.  I build brands around peoples passions (i.e.: yoga teachers, studios, artists, musicians, etc…).  Think of me as the “passion branding expert”.  I’ve always loved helping people reach their goals by walking them through the process of painting a picture of who they are to the people they serve.

About Me

I have over 13 years of experience starting and running successful start-ups. With a degree ininternational business

and a concentration in psychology I focuses my work on the psychology of the entrepreneur and their industry’s market. After building several businesses of my own (and answering tons of my friends questions on business and how to start one), I decided to start partnering with the people who have a passion for what they do and need help branding themselves. That worked so well, I got hooked and have been doing it ever since.

Start-up Philosophy

I believe that business is built around both people and ideas and for every rule there are multiple examples of successful people who have broken them. For every business the rules are different and that’s why I work extremely closely with each entrepreneur to offer unique, non-cookie cutter approaches to successfully growing the business.