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Listen to the call I just had with a guy who wanted $57 for my mac or pc or Napal whatever…
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  • April 27, 2015
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People do a lot of things for money.  Some justified, others not so much.  One thing I wouldn’t do for money is scam people.  Especially not by claiming any link to some kind of tragedy.  And today, that’s where our story begins.

I get a call from an unknown number and pick it up.  I’m pretty sure I know that this is a scam call from who knows where in the world, but I answer it anyway (because you know it could be the lottery telling me I won $100k every year for life!!).  Immediately as I answer and say hell0, I hear a beep as though I’ve just been transferred somewhere. Good start.  So before letting the gentleman on the other line say a word about how his name is John and he’s calling about my Windows machine, I quickly let him know “I don’t have a windows machine”.  That’s when the conversation gets interesting.

Without missing a beat he says, “Why did you think I was calling about your windows machine?”  At this point I’m a little surprised.  I mean we’re definitely off the sales script now.  That or these scripts have become way more intense than when I did this is college.  I respond, “If you’re not calling about windows what are you calling about?”  He responds just as quick, “I’m calling about your Mac!” HAHA! Ok this guy deserves another couple minutes on the phone, he’s funny.  “About my Mac huh?  Ok we can do this.  So what about my mac?”  He says, “You know I’m calling you for money, so do you have some money?  Can you give me some money?”  But his tone was so semi serious it made the whole thing a lot of fun and I just have to see where it went.  And that’s when I started recording the conversation.  So for your enjoyment, I give you a call about my Windows computer that quickly turns into a rescue mission for Napal:


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2015-07-02 23:06:46 Reply

hahaha did he text you the address?

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